There’s no doubt that technology is amazing. I mean we wouldn’t be on here if it were not!

Technology recently has had such a huge presence in our lives, we find it so difficult to detach from it. I’ve found that it can decrease our productivity, being constantly plugged in can affect sleep patterns & the mind.

Think about how much more you could accomplish in the time you spend refreshing Instagram or Snapchat. It allows us to tap into ourselves more and exceed our potential. Sometimes we need to disconnect from technology and be present.

I admit, sometimes I am an addict of my phone, simply because it is that good. We regularly need a detox from technology. Our lives can become so hectic surrounded by our devices, our minds get distracted and stress levels increase.

A few things I’ve found beneficial:

1. Have a code word or a reminder that means “disconnect from technology and be present” to return to the precious moment of life

2. Don’t start and end your day with technology. We find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat in the morning and at night which drains our energy. Start the day with a walk, meditation or yoga. End your day with a book

3. Next time you’re out with family/friends for dinner – have everyone put their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever grabs their phone first pays for the bill!

4. Be 100% present whoever you’re with. Don’t let technology distract you from appreciating the moment

Overall, disconnecting can help you to reconnect, it’ll help you find focus and live in the moment!



7 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I feel like this was written to me. It’s so true and so difficult to detach from technology. I will definately be trying each step you have suggested. Thanks Hemal 🙂


  2. That’s true ,Technology makes lazy everyday. First thing we do in the morning ,see our phones regardless get ready for the day.I totally avoid when I am with family and friends and be a normal….
    so true bro


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